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Volunteer Development:

Trainer’s Training


  • Inorder to increase capacity of people working in P4P,  TOT (Training of Trainers) should be organized.
  • One/two days TOT can be organised.
  • 6 to 8 topics should be covered in one day.


Training Subject


  • Effect of family system.
  • Substance abuse
  • Anger
  • Sexual abuse of children.
  • Stress management
  • Teen age parenting.
  • Behavioural change.
  • Prevention of subtle violence in the society through parenting.
  • Parenting styles.
  • Time spent with children.
  • Communication with children.
  • Effect of media on children.
  • Food and nutrition of children.
  • Values
  • Discipline
  • All round development of children.


For whom the training should be organized?


  • For P4P team members
  • For those willing to join the team
  • For those who may join the team.
  • For those who are interested to organise such program in their school, institute.
  • For trainers who are willing to give part of their time voluntarily for parents/ teachers training.


Note :- P4P training is organised free of cost. No fees is to be charged for training. Actual charge of food can be taken. The hall can be provided free of cost by some organisation.

Change in volunteer’s life


  • People join P4P to give loving and joyful childhood to children.
  • They love to work for children.
  • The change in the life of volunteer will motivate them  to work for this mission.
  • A person cannot work for this mission if he is not willing to work on his weaknesses.
  • There should be positive change in the person after he joins this mission.
  • To work selflessly without the expectation of money, position or fame, one need to work on self.
  • The self transformation is essential to work cohesively in a team.
  • Self development of the person will improve the quality of his contribution.
  • Therefore, volunteer development is very essential for P4P.
  • We need to organise activities that will help in self development of the volunteers and their ability to do social work.
  • This will indirectly help in his personal life. For example improved communication and confidence will help in this professional and personal life.