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Main work.

  1. Awareness about non- violence, peaceful and thoughtful in child caring.
  2. Parents. Teacher training

Ways of working

  • People who believe and trust in this work can develop team in city.
  • With the help of team programs can be organized for parents, teachers

What can a Volunteer do?

  1. Join P4P team in your city.
  2. Start a P4P team in your city.
  3. Training should be given as a trainer
  4. Prepare training material
  5. Translating the prepared material for training.
  6. Counsel parents and teachers(As a counselor)
  7. organize a counseling center.
  8. Work as a muscle office volunteer for P4p–Letter writing, Report writing.
  9. During training represent a play or skit.
  10. Great for training from school and parents.
  11. Create a chance for child care in Social gathering or in any program.
  12. Show the Children Kids movies for P4P with MOU.
  13. Be P4P SCHOOL
  14. Be a P4P teacher.
  15. Be a P4P parent and join others.