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P4P ummide

Our jhupadapattiomam poverty , ignorance and parents vyadasanamam sabadatam most special childhood homes are nandavaya . The children get enough nutrition , care and nurturing , not growing . Learning and playing age, he has to work . Child labor and the sexual exploitation of children . Jindavagimam significant difference in these children is far too dream of peace without being arrested .

In this field, very little work is being done . A bit too much work is done in the field of children and their parents used to do almost anything . If the parents are working continually benefit the child lives at home .

P4P a very long way in cutting. Working in the field , wanted to have the capacity to many people and organizations are expected to join in s

Proposed Functions

  1. Parents vyatasana be strong .
  2. childrearing Important explain them .
  3. going to school, sending children to school .
  4. parents to explain to him .
  5. begging to be freed children to send to school .
  6. children than child labor had freed the sending school .
  7. The maximum svaeyansevako to prepare to work in this field .