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P4P Teams

  • The objective of P4P is to provide a pleasant, joyous & loving childhood so that world peace can be founded. For this we want to enable parents & teacher. Therefore our main objective is to train parents and teachers.
  • Those people who have faith on this thought(belief) of P4P, they have prepared a team & they have started working in many cities and districts.
  • We want to make a team of P4P in each & every city or town of the world to spread the thought of P4P to the each noble & corner of the world. You can also make your team and joint this program.

How will u make P4P team

  • Gather the people of your area, introduce P4P to them, provide information about P4P & invite them to join this movement.
  • Note down the email id, & contact no. of interested people. Give them date & time of the meeting and call the meeting of the next week.
  • In the meeting tell the people to call their friends & relatives.
  • Make 2 whatsapp group of these people 1) For communication & 2) To send inspirational messages; so that inspirational messages do not disturb ex:- P4P dharampal communication, P4P dharampur communication.
  • Use logo of P4P for group photo.
  • Send the messages of first meeting on communication group.
  • Delegate the responsibility of first meeting.
  • Sometime after the team stars working, select coordinator. Be sure that it is not a post but a huge responsibility.

Common Responsibilty

  1. What app Admin.
  2. Contact schools & get invitation to conduct training programs.
  3. Working as a trainer,
  4. Prepare a report of the program.
  5. Perform skit.
  6. Prepare Presentation.

Other ways to make team.

  • Make a team in the neighboring city & prepare a team of interested people who want to join P4P.
  • In Schools program give information & introduction of P4P & tell the interested people who want to join P4P, to stay back. After program talk to them and prepare a team.

Make a strong & efficient team.

  • increase the capability to work and interest of the team members organize a (TFT) Training For Trainers program so that team members can train the parents and teachers efficiently.
  • The efficient team member who has skill to train other members, should give training every 15 days on any one topic (subject).
  • In this way we can increase our internal capability.
  • To become a member of P4P Contact : Vaibhav Parikh – 9099010677

What are the advantages of working in team

  • Strength and capabilities of each other will prove to be the supplement of each other.
    For example : One member has good speech and speaking skills but he has no contacts; on the other hand organisations. In this situation both can work together.
  • A single individual may get tired or due to some personal reasons or circumstances he is unable to do social work, in this situation other team member can maintain the continuity of work. Each member of the team work according to his convenience and the continuity of the work can be maintained.

Suicide Prevention:

Percentage of Suicide is not less among the children. The number of Children thinking of suicide is more than The number of children actually committing suicide. Exams or exam results are not the only reason for suicide. That is why to prevent suicide among children is the main work of P4P.

Organising TOT

To increase the working capacity of people working for P4P, TOT (Training of Trainers) should be arranged.To arrange one or Two day Training. 6 to 8 Subjects can be covered in I day.

Subject of Training:

Presentations of Subjects:

For whom should this Training be arranged

  1. For Team members of P4P?
  2. For People who wants to join the team.
  3. Training for those who could possibly join the team.
  4. For those who would give training to their School /origination. but would not Join
    the team.
  5. Persons working as Trainer , and who wish to give their time for P4P
    training for free.

P4P Training activity is free of charge , so no fees should be collected from Trainee. But small expenditure of Tea, snacks can be taken For Training. some organizations hall should be taken so that no expenditure occurs.

P4P Hope

  • Childhood is lacking in such slum areas where parents are poor, illiterate and addicted to bad habits. These children do not get enough care and nutrition which they need. They have to work in an age where they should play and learn. Child labors are also tortured physically. Without changing situation of such child world peace is a day dream.
  • No remarkable work is done in this field. Little bit work is done in context of children but for parents nothing is being done. Children will get continuous benefit if any work is done for parents.

Suggested work :

  • Make parents addiction free.
  • To aware them about children’s upbringing.
  • Children who are not going school should force to attend school.
  • Convince parents for that.
  • Children’s who are working as beggar’s, make them free and force to attend school.
  • Make labor child free and send them school.
  • Convince maximum volunteers to work in this field.