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P4P School

All teachers together take an oath of not commiting kids to physical punishments.

  1. Take an oath of not committing kids to subtle (mental) violence.
  2. (subtle violence means in any such form as, insulting words/language/tone, keep them standing for long time, touching toes, comparing them with others in a manner that they get humiliated in the midst of other kids)
  3. State publicly during prayer time every three months, that children will not be subjected to physical punishment.
  4. If any teacher breaches this rule then need not justify it, but ask for forgiveness from the child. Promise that it will not repeat in the future.
  5. Train parents once a month or if not possible, once in two months, for 2 hours. Provide training for 12 hours in an year. During training take an oath from the parents that:
    • Will not physically punish the child.
    • Will not insult the child.
    • Will converse with the child every fortnight.
    • In case of mistake they will ask its forgiveness and promise not to repeat it in the future.
  6. Every teacher shall read 2 books in a year on child development
  7. Every teacher will at least identify 10% of the students having skills others than in studying, will talk to the parents about it and encourage such activities and skills.
  8. To impart awareness about learning disabilities, 2 hour training will be provided, in which every teacher and parents of the ‘weak’ child will take active participation in. (P4P will provide a training module for the same and one teacher from the school will provide the training).
  9. Teacher will at least visit the home and converse with the parents of the children at least once in a year.
  10. Every teacher will whole heartedly try to de-addict at least 5 parents in a year.
  11. This chart will be displayed in the school.
  12. ‘Child’, includes the teacher’s own children too.