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P4P Roles:

  1. Coordinator:
    • Leadership
    • Direction and guidance
    • To keep the team together.
    • A respectable person who can prevail over in case of dispute.
  2. Co-coordinator:
    • Same as coordinator
  3. Trainers’ Team:
    • Minimum 5 trainers
    • Internal training of the team members.
    • Training parents/teachers etc.
  4. Training Material Development Team:
    • Minimum 2 persons
    • Prepare new training material.
    • Collect material prepared by members should be sent to all the team members all the teams through core team.
    • Collect material prepared by core team and distribute it to all the team members.
  5. Reporting and communication:
    • Act as administrator of what’s app group.
    • Create team email address and make communication.
    • Convey instruction received from core team to all the members.
    • Convey main points of the editorial of the monthly newsletter to all the members through what’s app/ email and
    • Read the editorial during the team meeting.
    • Prepare monthly and other reports and send them to core team.
  6. Medial Relations:
    • Relation with media.
  7. Public Relations/Expansion:
    • Promotion of P4P
    • Organise P4P programs by contacting institutes/people.
    • Organise programmes by contacting institutes to add new members in P4P
    • To bring in to the team, socially active members from the society.
    • Create new teams in other places (towns and villages around)
  8. Support and monitoring:
    • Team members need support to sustain them in the team.
    • To make members aware about their achievement and help them to acknowledge them.
    • Monitoring and support role so that team members fulfil the promised work. Ask for report, remind them and support them so that they are able to fulfil their promises.
    • To make members aware about their abilities so that they are able to take up big tasks in accordance with their abilities
  9. Skit Team:
    • To perform skit.
    • Write skit and make them available to other members/teams.
    • Get skit recorded and get them uploaded on the website/ make it available to other teams.
    • Bring in to P4P teams the people who can perform skits.
  10. Design Team:
    • To prepare designs.
    • To get them approved from core team to maintain uniformity.
    • Make newly prepared good designs to all the teams through core team.
  11. Technology Team:
    • To use technology to fulfil P4P goals.
    • To support public relation team for promotion of P4P.
  12. Volunteer Development:
    • Organise training for the development of the volunteer members.
    • Make suggestion to the team and core team for that.
    • To inform members about the training opportunities available within P4P and outside.