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P4P Partner:

Organisations having vision like P4P can be the partner of P4P to get the following benefits:


  • It may create opportunity for P4P to work in the areas where right now it is not able to work remarkably.
  • The pace of work of these organisations can be increased.
  • P4P can provide guidance to such organisations.
  • P4P can provide platform  to connect such organisations.
  • P4P becomes capable of doing similar work that is being carried out by such organisation.
  • A synergy (1+1 = 11) can be created among such organisation and P4P.


For example :


  • Hu chhu Jyotirdhar movement has ability to train people.P4P teams have ability of creating opportunity for training. Both can workTogether and can give qualitative training programs.
  • In collaboration with SHAISHAV (Bhavnagar), the model of balsena can be expanded.
  • P4P can  guide the organisations like Vatsalya Education and Charitable trust (Bardoli) that works for orphan children. It can guide it so that in other places too some organisations take up this cause.
  • P4P can enter into partnership with pediatric, psychiatric associations, adolescent health academy etc.