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P4P for parents


My child is very dear to me and I wish to raise him in the best manner. So

  1. I will not give physical punishment to my kids, i.e., will never hit them.
  2. I will never mentally torture my kids. I will never verbally insult them. Mental violence akin to ‘holding toes’, comparison with others and thereby humiliating them, locking them up in a bathroom or room, refraining from meals, will never commit any such kind of violence.
  3. Will repeatedly state at home and school, that I will never commit to any kind of physical or mental violence, every fortnight.
  4. If I break the rule or commit a mistake, then, will not give excuses for the same, but will ask for forgiveness from the child and will promise to never do it again.
  5. I shall get training on Parenting, for 6 hours every year.
  6. I shall read at least 2 books on parenting in a year.
  7. I will identify the skills and talent of my kids and in consultation with their teacher, will always motivate them for those activities.
  8. I will meet their teacher at least six times in a year, periodically.
  9. If I have any kind of addiction, I will quit it for the sake of my kids.
  10. Every three months, I will ask my kids to read a book of their choice and I shall listen to them reading it.
  11. I will accept my kids as they are and once every month, in the presence all family members, I shall talk about their skills, qualities and talents.
  12. At least once in a week, I shall play with my kids as per their choice.
  13. I will go for a walk with my children four times in a month and will do the activity of their choice.
  14. I will become a P4P parent and encourage every month, 5 other parent pairs to become P4P Parents.
  15. I will display this Rule/Oath Chart at home.