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P4P Children Film Project

  • P4P is an idea in which any organisation or person can join.
  • Film Society of Surat (FSS) is also a active member of it.
  • Believe that by they can give loving and joyful childhood to children by promoting their growth by showing them good films.
  • FSS and Surat Municipal Educational Board has singned an MOU.
  • The children film society has agreed to give films for this project. The cost is borne by the Surat Municipal School Board.
  • FSS give training to teachers as to how to show and review the films so that children get learning.
  • Every school should try to show 12 movies a year but but not less than 5.
  • Give proper Report of it to FSS in this format:
Sr.No. School Name Date Shown Movies No. Of Student Teacher Name
  • Maximum city’s should join it.
  • Trusts having schools can also sign an MOU with FSS.