An Appeal
December 12, 2014


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Nurturing Joyful and Loving Childhood for a peaceful society

It is intended to support and promote parenting in such dimensions of physical, mental-emotional, social & spiritual wellbeing which contributes to our vision of loving and joyful childhood and leads to peaceful coexistence in society and world at large.
No child shall be left out due to any reason like geography, socio-economic background, physical/mental status, etc…
[Here a parent is defined to include not only biological parents but also elders, immediately related people, the teachers, the community and the society as a whole who influence the children (or childhood) in any form. Child is defined from intrauterine phase (conception through pregnancy up to birth to adolescence up to 18 years)]
It is seen that….

Parenting can meet the vision by promoting and providing following:

  • • Loving and joyful environment at home, school and in the surrounding
  • • Basic physical needs of food, water, and shelter
  • • Safety, security and good healthy living
  • • Belonging or unconditional love
  • • Self-esteem
  • • Personal fulfilment & self actualization and finally
  • • Freedom, participation and justice
  • • Access to education, health and medical care

Objectives & actions proposed to achieve this mission:


  • • To create awareness in the society about the importance of loving and joyful childhood
  • • To build up capacity of parents, would be parents, teachers and children
  • • To counsel parents, teachers and children.
  • • To help schools in setting up goals, ways and means to achieve proper nurturing of their students
  • • To showcase, disseminate and promote best practices
  • • To create conducive environment for identifying & nurturing inherent talent in every child
  • • To institutionalise the process
  • • To develop linkages with people and organisations working in this field, providing them relevant platform, recognizing/felicitation of their good work and backup resources.
  • • To build up linkages with and encourage organisations, corporates, individuals working/ interested in contributing to the cause of the Mission
  • • To do advocacy at various levels

Actions proposed

  • • Preparing, compiling and gathering relevant literature and skills
  • • Dissemination of information by creating website, using media, organizing workshops, & delivering lectures at appropriate forums, etc.
  • • Setting up resource centres
  • • Mapping, indexing, recognizing/felicitating the organisations, corporates, individuals involved/ interested in the field of child development and creating relevant platforms
  • • Incorporating good scientific parenting as major topic in courses of psychology, human development, general graduations
  • • Setting up certificate trainings in good parenting counselling
  • • Fostering self-support groups of parents
  • • Coordinating with child help lines
  • • Promoting innovations and research

The following are visualized as the outcomes of this mission:

  • • Loving and joyful healthy childhood
  • • Empowered loving & contributing sensitive trustworthy parents, teachers & citizens.
  • • Peaceful aware connected society and citizens full of honesty, fearlessness & equality
  • • Value driven responsible confident children full of self-esteem, self expression sensitivity & self driven learning
  • • Responsible accountable government
  • • Cared & loved elders


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