"PARENTING FOR PEACE (P4P) - Nurturing Joyful, Loving and Skillful Childhood for World Peace" "પેરેન્ટિંગ ફોર પીસ (પી ફોર પી) - પ્રેમ, આનંદ અને આવડત ભર્યા બાળ ઉછેર થકી વિશ્વ શાંતી"
Change in volunteer’s life
  • People join P4P to give loving and joyful childhood to children.

  • They love to work for children.

  • The change in the life of volunteer will motivate them to work for this mission.

  • A person cannot work for this mission if he is not willing to work on his weaknesses.

  • There should be positive change in the person after he joins this mission.

  • To work selflessly without the expectation of money, position or fame, one need to work on self.

  • The self transformation is essential to work cohesively in a team.

  • Self development of the person will improve the quality of his contribution.

  • Therefore, volunteer development is very essential for P4P.

  • We need to organise activities that will help in self development of the volunteers and their ability to do social work.

  • This will indirectly help in his personal life. For example improved communication and confidence will help in this professional and personal life.