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You can join P4P in two ways.

  1. As a user
  2. As a Volunteer

As a User:

As a user you can take the following benefits of P4P

  1. Can take the training of a parent /teacher.
  2. Can take the benefit of counseling centre(Link)
  3. You can be a good teacher/Parent by using the available literature / Activities on web-site.
  4. P 4P Can be the Parents

As a Volunteer:

Thought of P4P Non-violence, Peaceful and world proc through thoughtful childcare Trusting in Such thoughts and witting in work in that field can join as a volunteer in this movement.

P4P is not any Self tormenting movement that is only a thought monument (Program). Any one who believes and trust it can join it

P4P does any world which give love and happiness to children. Any who are interested in this can join this Abhiyan.

What can a Volunteer do?

  1. Join P4P team in your city.
  2. Start a P4P team in your city.
  3. Training should be given as a trainer
  4. Prepare training material
  5. Translating the prepared material for training.
  6. Counsel parents and teachers(As a counselor)
  7. organize a counseling center.
  8. Work as a muscle office volunteer for P4p–Letter writing, Report writing.
  9. During training represent a play or skit.
  10. Great for training from school and parents.
  11. Create a chance for child care in Social gathering or in any program.
  12. Show the Children Kids movies for P4P with MOU.
  13. Be P4P SCHOOL
  14. Be a P4P teacher.
  15. Be a P4P parent and join others.

To be a P4P volunteer what benefit will you get?

  1. Can be more capable for nurturin our children.
  2. Can learn the behavior to behave with children.
  3. Get the Satisfaction for Social Work.
  4. Increment in Self confidence to work in a team.
  5. Can Bring the Changes in Society.
  6. Get Self Satisfaction in searing the Society.
  7. Self personality develop.

What are the benefits of working in a team?

We can learn and advent the capabilities by focusing the team. Example: One can give good training but due there is no contact in any insatiability there is no opportunity to train them. But other Volunteers in team can have a good contacts and can lead in that.

Due to Some reasons one can not serve society. If there is a team we can do the work property for P4P.

Children are very effective. They see, experience and leave, In Childhood they learn truth, non- violence, mercy and more.

What our children learn in Childhood the rather , when we slap and asked home work, when we do such things, children learn non-violence and they return the Same to Society.

If we want non- violence and peace in future, then we should give them experience about it.
P4P always tries to impart love, peace and joy to parents, children, teacher, for that parents and teachers try to be trained regularly.