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As the child grows and enters in a teenage phase he has started realizing that “ Now I am grown up. I am now capable of taking my own decisions” They start believing that they are now fully mature individuals. So, when the parents go on giving unwanted advice on clothes, hair style, habits, it is clearly disliked or even at times hated by the teenager. So to show their own autonomy, they purposefully do exactly the opposite of what is said by the parents. It is very important for the parents to understand and accept the changing psychological mind set of teenage children. The parents should refrain from giving frequent advice on small day to day activities of the child. If these are not very harmful activities, then allow the child to do it, and let him face the results of it. But, activities which can be seriously harmful to the child, it should be clearly forbidden. The parents should clearly give their opinion / advice on such serious issues and should see to that the child follows your advice. If the parents allow the child to take decisions in small things, the child’s inner need of autonomy will be satisfied. There will be less disagreements and arguments on minor issues. It will ultimately improve your bonding and relationship with the child. The bitterness between the parents and the teenage child will gradually decrease. After achieving this state in a relationship, the teenage child will follow your occasional advice on an important matter. If this type of rebellious behavior is more serious, then parents should take the help of a psychiatrist or a counselor.

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