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About us

Children are very effective. They see, experience and leave, In Childhood they learn truth, non- violence, mercy and more.

What our children learn in Childhood the rather , when we slap and asked home work, when we do such things, children learn non-violence and they return the Same to Society.

If we want non- violence and peace in future, then we should give them experience about it.

P4P always tries to impart love, peace and joy to parents, children, teacher, for that parents and teachers try to be trained regularly.

Main work:

  1. Awareness about non- violence, peaceful and thoughtful in
    child caring.
  2. Parents. Teacher training

Ways of working

  • People who believe and trust in this work can develop team in city.
  • With the help of team programs can be organized for parents, teachers.

Expected Results:

  1. Awareness in society for world peace and non violence in child caring , parents and teachers.
  2. More and more Parents to be joined in this movement.
  3. More and more children get love and happiness.
  4. Trust worthy, fearless citizens.
  5. Responsible, self disciplined and Self confident children.

Who can join?

P4P is not any NGO that is a thought measurement, In this thought whoever believe and wish to work can join.

P4P is working for giving children best childhood – People who are uniting to do this behind of work can join.

How can be joined?

What can be done after joining?

  • Any activity can be done for children.
  • Train the teachers and parents to give children love and make them strong

What can a volunteer do ?

  1. join the team of P4P of the city.
  2. Make a team of P4P in the city .
  3. Prepare training material.
  4. Translate the ready training material in other language.
  5. Work as a counselor
  6. Start a counseling centre.
  7. Work as a volunteer in the mobile office of P4P, write letters, report, contact people, prepare design, editing news letter etc.
  8. Present skit / drama during training program.
  9. Get the invitation from schools and institution so that teachers and parents can be
    given training.
  10. In social gathering or programs create an atmosphere where topics like child nurturing and development can be discussed.
  11. Show the children film
  12. Become (make) P4P school
  13. Become (make) P4P teacher
  14. Become (make) P4P parents and make others also