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The Aanganwadi programme initiated by government is really a very good initiative. To make the Aanganwadis more productive, cooperation can be asked from other charitable trusts or institutions. Each trust can sort of ‘adopt’ few Aanganwadis in which the workers from charitable trusts can help for its better functioning. The workers can supervise about how many children are attending Aanganwadi regularly. Those who are not coming, their parents can be educated for sending them. Visit the families in that area on regular basis. Continue educating them for making their children literate. Apart from education, explain the importance of good hygiene, habits and nutritious food. The trust can provide various teaching materials, charts, pictures, snacks toys, books, storybooks etc at Aanganwadis. Healthy baby competition can be planned for such children. People of that area can be educated about the hazardous effects of alcohol, tobacco, charas, ganja and other addictive substances. Thus, various charitable trusts and institutions can extend their support to the existing Aanganwadis for its better functioning and utilization.

Category: Children of Special Situations

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