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There are always some adjustment problems in children when parents are in a transferable job. First of all, even the parents themselves are experiencing stress when they are relocating themselves. They have to look for a new house, find out a new school, transferring luggage, finding out servants at new place, rearrange the new house etc. These aspects are quite stressful for parents also. They can hardly spare time for children. So, the children become irritable and more demanding. The parents must realize that the children are experiencing anxiety too. And they require more support and attention too. The parents should openly talk about these worries and encourage the children to share their feelings too. They should never compare previous places with the current one as good/ bad. Engage the children in setting up house, finding the closest grocery store, milkman, etc. The father especially can arrange for leave and help the mother in arranging the house and finding out school/tuitions for children. The parents should find out other children from neighbourhood with whom the children can develop a rapport and play. The parents should never lose temper with children or scold them in this transitional phase. To leave their close friends is quite stressful for children. Up to 5th grade, the children do not develop close friendships. So they do not face much stress, when they are relocating to another city. But it always takes time to develop new friendships. So, the parents should find a house in such area/ society where children get good company. The parents should select a house in an area where the standard of living and life styles of the neighbours are almost same and equal. The children can socialize easily in that situation. The parents should try to introduce the children of their colleagues and friends to their own children. The parents should also socialize and make friends, so the children too can have more friends. Always encourage children from neighbourhood to come at your place for playing. Allow the children to mix with others and do not interfere in the process of socializing of children. The parents should select the school carefully. where the children can mix easily with children. The parents should always spend more time with children and do pleasurable activities together. The teenage children face significant stress while leaving their close friends. They should be encouraged to keep contact with old friends. The children can go and spend holidays with their previous friends. The selection of school should be according to the family’s life style and standard of living. The other children of the school should be from the same socio-economic strata. The child may feel inferiority if he has to mix with children of very high socio-economic class. Some schools have tremendous burden of homework. The policy of education is at times not healthy in school. It may affect the child’s adjustment in school. The children face less adjustment problems in schools who have child friendly approach rather than that of stringent discipline. Even parents will have less stress regarding child’s schooling and education. So, selection of proper school is very important. Child should be helped in education and homework. Parents must keep close contact with teachers and take their assistance whenever needed. The child should be encouraged to develop friendship with other students of the class which will help in adjustment process as well as it will be helpful in studies also. So, parents should be alert about the adjustment problems faced by children when they are in a transferable jobs.

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