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The foster parents should always tell their adopted child that he was adopted when he / she was very young. Otherwise as the child grows, he is bound to know this truth by any relative / friend which will be psychologically traumatic for him. Rather than waiting for the child to grow up, it is better that this truth be told. It is much easier when the child is still young. This should be told as casually as possible and without creating any emotional drama. The child can be casually taken near the hospital or an institute, while going for a drive. The parents can show the building and explain “this is the place from where we brought you to our home. That was the most pleasant day of our life. Our life became more enjoyable after we brought you home.” Most probably the young child does not ask further questions. He might ask few questions about his biological parents. At that juncture, the parents should give a truthful answer “we do not know anything about your biological parents. The institution does not give any such information. We do not want to know also. Because for us you are our child.” After realizing the truth that he himself is an adopted child, the older child may pass through emotional turmoil. At this time the parents should be extremely supportive, affectionate and understanding.

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