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Now a days children start going to play group by the age of 2- 2 ½ years of age. If both parents are working the kids are looked after by aayas, servants or at crèches. Young children love to interact and play with others. He may go to play with neighbours or relatives. The mother should explain her child about loving and caring touch and the bad touch. They should explain that anyone touching, their breast or genital parts or hips is wrong. It should not be allowed. Kissing on lips and these body parts should not be allowed. This should be explained calmly with care, so as not to alarm or frighten the child. Children understand more than what we explain them. Private parts can be explained through scientific pictures. Explain everything quietly without dramatizing. If at all encountered by such a person, however known or close he may be, explain the child to take actions described as follows : – Tell the child to shout or cry loudly and just go away from that place / person to either mother / father / sibling – Tell your parents clearly who was trying to touch her and where. – Even if the person is a known and close relative, do not be afraid to give his name to parents. – Even if the person has tried to threaten you for revealing his identity, still tell everything to parents without getting frightened. – If you cannot locate your parents, run away to a crowded, public place and tell an adult there, preferably a female. – Explain the child that his / her parents will take necessary legal actions and that person will be punished. – If the child is terribly frightened to shout, teach him / her to use sign language. For this, use games like dumb charades to teach them to act out words. Use stories to teach the child how to take actions in such a situation. Use actions in your stories so that children will surely remember the actions and words related to events. – Child should be made aware about the fact that they should not mix with unknown persons. – Child should be explained never to succumb to greed. If an unknown person tries to lure them by chocolates, biscuits etc, they should never accept such things from others. If someone ever tries to trap them by this method, they should talk to parents about that person and his activities without getting afraid. If he forces to give, the child should start shouting. Child should be explained that his demands will be satisfied by parents. – If some unknown person comes and tells that he is sent by his parents to take him home, the child should never go with that person. This should be clearly explained. – The child should be made aware about the fact that absolutely decent looking person may also try to harass them sexually or touch at private parts. It is not necessary that the concerned person should be abnormal or weird looking person.

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