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Parenting For Peace Convention and Training Dt : 19-20 July 2014........ For more Information Please Contact : Shri Vaibhav Parikh Mo. No.- 9099010677 For Free Counselling in Katargam, Surat Please contact : 8530461414 Child Rights - A framework



Vision: Nurturing Joyful and Loving Childhood for a Peaceful Society

• It is intended to support and promote parenting in such dimensions of physical, mental-emotional, social & spiritual wellbeing which contributes to our vision of loving and joyful childhood and leads to peaceful coexistence in society and world at large.
• No child shall be left out due to any reason like geography, socio-economic background, physical/mental status, etc...[Here a parent is defined to include not only biological parents but also elders, immediately related people, the teachers, the community...

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"An Appeal"

"Towards World Peace, through positive parenting"...
Most will wonder when I say, there is strong & deep connection between child abuse and violence prevailing in the society! But, I have no doubt in my mind about this at all! Communal riots, war and terrorism are just wider form, they are just the trees grown out of child abuse suffered by children at homes and schools. It is not possible that our society at large remains peaceful when our children suffer violence because children are very impressionable. They learn what they experience. If they get love they give love back to the society. If they undergo violence, they learn violence and give it back to society when they grow. The child abuse is the source of violence prevailing in the society. Let us jointly discuss the reasons for violence against children and its deep impact on our society along with what we can do in fighting this war against violence...

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Future Events

Function: Parenting for Peace Convention and Training 19-20 July 2014
Speaker: Shri Hasmukh Patel, Shri Vaibhav Parikh, Dr. Kamlesh Parekh, Dr. Arti Mehta, Dr. Sushma Desai, Dr.Ami Yagnik, Dr. Salim Hirani, Dr. Ketan Bharadva, Dr. Mukul Choksi, Shri Vaibhav Vyas
Participants: People working in the area of parenting
Date: 19/07/2014 09:00:00 AM
Venue : Agrasen Bhavan Citilight Road, Surat